What is the syllabus for History & Geography and their important topics for SSC CGL 2018?


SSC or the Staff Selection Commission conducts exams for various government exams. SSC CGL is one of the important exams through which posts of officer and clerks are filled in different departments of the government. General Knowledge section is very important to get a job through SSC CGL exams. There are different subsections of general knowledge which are asked in exams. Through this article, we are covering syllabus of SSC CGL for history and geography segments of the General Knowledge section for SSC CGL exams.

The syllabus of history can be divided into following sub-categories:

  • Ancient History (2500 BC to 750 AD)
  • Medieval History (750 AD to 1600 AD)
  • Modern History ( 1600 AD to 1947 AD)
  • World History: – Important events only.

The detailed syllabus is given below:-

Sub TopicsImportant area to cover
Ancient History (2500 BC to 750 AD)Harappa civilization: - Important sites discovered and artifacts found, culture, agriculture and trades of Harappa civilizations. The importance of various groups of peoples in society.
Vedic Civilization: This period can be further divided into Rig Vedic and Later Vedic period. The important topics to be covered are:-
Four Vedas, there name and type of content covered in each Vedas.
Sources of information from foreigner Travellers.
Classification of society on the basis of profession.
Agriculture and Trades of this period.
Mahajanpada: The capitals of each janpad and area covered as per modern India.
Jainism: All important facts related to the founder of Jain religion, Trinratan of Jainism, important temples and emperors who followed Jainism.
Buddhism: Facts related to founder of Buddhism, important meetings of Buddhism and headed by whom, Teachings of Buddhism and important followers.
Shiv Dharma: Names of Shiva, Important temples, area covered followers of Shiv Dharma.
Vishnu Dharma: Important references, founders of classes and books written by them.
Islam: Founder of Islam, facts related to the founder, holy book, and timeline of this religion.
Christianity: Founder, holy book, followers and important positions held.
Magadha Mahajanpad:
Haryanks Dynasty
Shishunaga Dynasty
Nanda Dynasty
Maurya Empire
Important facts about many small but important dynasties.
Medieval History (750 AD to 1600 AD)Rajputs: Dynasties and their founders, important battles fought, famous constructions and temples. The causes of rise and fall of Rajput’s.
Muslim Invasions: Arab attacks, Turk attacks, the impact of these attacks and areas attacked. Important events happened and wars fought between invaders and Indian kings.
Delhi Sultanate: Slave dynasty, Khalji dynasty, Tughlaq dynasty, Sayyid dynasty, Lodhi dynasty, Important monuments constructed by them, important changes in political and economic backgrounds. The reasons behind rise and fall of Delhi Sultanate. Try to study in timeline manner and memorize important facts about every Sultan.
Mughal Empire: Founder of Mughal important battles fought, cultural, economic and political changes, and monuments constructed. Main facts and figures about important rulers: Babur, Humayun, Akbar Jhangir, Shahjhan, Aurangzeb, Bahadur shah, Jahandar shah, FarrukSiyar, Mahumad Shah and later Mughals. The causes of rise and fall of Mughals, important rules by Mughals, the foundation of Europeans trades in India and its impact on Indian trades, economy and political structure.
Modern History ( 1600 AD to 1947 AD)European companies foundation in India, Dominance of British company over Bangla, Relationship of British with Mysore, Revolt of Sikh, Governor General: Name and sequence, important changes and rules by them, the rules which induced envy among Indians, the rise of revolts against British rules, The great 1857 revolt: main areas of revolts, leaders of 1857 revolts and the impact of revolt on British rules, small but important revolts, Important freedom revolts, Important societies and leaders, Timeline of great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi: books, papers and magazines written, Indian National Congress: foundation and important sessions, other Important leaders, important newspapers, magazines. Important acts by British rules and protests by Indian leaders.
World History: - Important events onlyFreedom fight of America, State revolt of Russia, Reunion of Italy, Reunion of Germany, Russian revolt, Industrial revolt, Revolt in England, First world war, Chinese revolt, Evolution of fansisto in Turkey and Italy, Evolution of Nazivad in Germany, Japanese revolution, second world war and other important events.

These are the important topics of History. The candidates are requested to go through each topic in details and prepare their own notes for quick revisions.

The important topics of Geography are given below:-

Sub TopicsImportant area to cover
World Geography Universe: Solar system, Facts about planets, sequence of planets as per size and distance from Sun, Moons of important planets, Time period of revolution and Rotation.
Earth: Structure and formation of planet earth, atmosphere and its layers, various structures of earth like Mountains, plateau, volcano, Types of plains, types of forests and factors behind transformation of shapes and sizes of earth.
Atmosphere: Layers of atmosphere, properties, composition and use of every layer.
Oceans and seas: Location of oceans, properties, size and depth of oceans, types of vegetation found, Types of air currents and their impact on weather and climate of a particular area, types of winds and wind patterns.
Crops: Types of crops and the geographical area covering particular crop, geographical indicator crops, import and export of crops.
Minerals and ores: Types of minerals and ores, geographical locations of famous ores.
Continents: Geographical location of continents, sequence in terms of size and population, important countries and resources.
World famous: Rivers, oceans, hills, canals, forests, mountains, ranges, capitals and currencies of famous countries.
Transports: Types of transports in world, name of famous railway lines, air routes, sea routes, river routes.
Industries: Types of industries in world, countries and locations famous for particular industry, role of particular industry in economy of that particular country.
Indian Geography General characteristics of Indian climate, geographical structure of India, famous rivers of India, famous water falls, hills, canals of India, Types of soil in India, Various types of agriculture in India, export and import of important agricultural products, modes of transports in India, states and union territories and its capitals, wild life centuries and famous parks of India, types of foods dances of Indian states, Geographical spreads in India, famous forests and deserts. International boundaries of India.

These are the important topics of History and Geography for SSC CGL 2018. The candidates are advised to start their preparation at earliest to secure their seat in this exam.

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