SSC Stenographer 2017 GK Questions Asked on 11-09-2017


Memory Based: General Knowledge Questions Asked in SSC Stenographer Group C & D Examination 2017- Shift 1

  1. Thomas Elva Edison belonged to which country? America
  2. Benzene was discovered by? Michael Faraday
  3. Diaphragm, a female contraceptive, is placed in which part of the female body?
  4. Carbon monoxide reacts with Hemoglobin to form? oxyhemoglobin (HbO2)
  5. What was the childhood name of singer A.R.Rahman?A.S. Dileep Kumar
  6. Mandamus meaning? A writ to command an inferior court or a person to perform a public or statutory duty.
  7. Which country is not the member of BHIMSTEC
  8. A passage to India book Author.? E. M. Forster
  9. Phosgene IUPAC name is? Carbonyl dichloride
  10. Second world war, a person was named ” Desert Fox”, who was he?
  11. Which country built parliament of Afghanistan? India
  12. How heavy water is formed? By addition of Neutron
  13. Hereditary characteristics came through? DNA
  14. Which river is the dispute between India and Bangladesh? Teesta
  15. First Indian to receive Oscar award? Bhanu Athaiya
  16. Which human organ is responsible for blood filtering? Kidney
  17. Who said Article 32 was heart and soul of the Constitution. ? Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
  18. Hacker word was first associated with
  19. Which of the given personalities won Bharat Ratna
  20. Recently JIGYASA scheme was launched and it was related to which field. ? Student-scientist connect program
  21. Macmohan Line is between which countries? India and China
  22. Finance commission is a constitutional/statuary/non constitutional body. ? Constitutional
  23. Raoof folk dance is of which state? Jammu and Kashmir
  24. Which Indian judge served as a president of ICJ (International Court of Justice )? Maharaj Sri Nagendra Singh
  25. For which country, India built the Charbahar Port? Iran
  26. Morley Minto reforms were done for?
  27. Human Development Theory was given by? Erik H. Erikson 
  28. A freely falling body when hits the ground and stop, what happens to its potential and kinetic energy?
  29. Which of the following gas is used Fluorescent bulb? Argon
  30. RBI was established in the year? 1935
  31. Who first used the term ecology? Ernst Haeckel
  32. Which case was related to the basic structure of the Constitution?
  33. Vitamin K deficiency reason?
  34. Data warehouse is program/ object oriented
  35. Who discovered hydrogen? Henry Cavendish
  36. Blue revolution is related to? Fish Production
  37. One question from UDAAN scheme
  38. Vikramshaila University was established by? King Dharmapala
  39. Treaty related to British Govt, & Shah Alam II? Treaty of Allahabad
  40. Which of the following committee is related to BCCI?
  41. One question from Priyanka Gandhi case.
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