SSC MTS 2016 Questions Asked on 16th September 2017

  1. The last Bharat Ratna award was given to whom? Atal Bihari Vajpayee 
  2. Which neighboring country of India second name is Barma? Myanmar
  3. OHM is Unit of? Resistance
  4. 2019 cricket world cup will be hosted by which country? England
  5. How many houses are there in Indian Constitution? Two
  6. Blindness caused due to? Vitamin A Deficiency
  7. Who invented the barometer? Evangelista Torricelli
  8. What is the place of mercury in the solar system? First
  9. The region between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn? Tropical Zone (Hot Zone) 
  10. A blood clot is due to deficiency of which vitamin? Vitamin K
  11. When Sodium combines with fluoride then____? Sodium Floride
  12. Stone tools were found first in which age? Stone Age
  13. Which of the following is Greece Buddhist art?
  14. Constitution came into existence on? 26 January 1950
  15. Unit of conductance? MHO
  16. What is national income
  17. How is NNP calculated
  18. Which root cannot be eaten: carrot, radish, wheat, etc?
  19. Ribs are connected to which part in humans? Sternum 
  20. What will happen when Iodine and fluorine will react
  21. An important element in amalgamation: base, acid, nonmetal?
  22. Scheme related to the physical aid of BPL?  Rashtriya Vayoshri Yojana
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