Download One Word Substitution PDF- for SSC CGL, CPO


One Word Substitution is one of the most important topics of English section in SSC CGL & Other Competitive Exams. If your topic is ready then you can score well in the exam. To make One Word Substitutions easier for our readers, we have brought a PDF compilation of One Word Substitution questions in the Exam.

This is one of the best e-book keeping in mind around 99% of government exams especially SSC Tier I and Tier II, Banks, MBA, MAT, CAT, IGNOU, SSC CGL, IIFT, CPO, CBI, CLAT, NDA, CTET, CDS. Its size is also so compact that u can read it while you are travelling somewhere and in the meanwhile, it helps to save your time.

What is One Word Substitution?

One word substitution is a process in which you use one word to replace a word phrase, to make the sentence structure more clear. This also makes work pithier instead of convoluted.

How to Find One Word Substitutions

If you are not used to having to substitute your phrases, it can be challenging to figure out where to search for these replacements.

  1. Thesaurus – A thesaurus can be a simple way to find these substitution words especially when you do not have web access.
  2. Online – There are actually websites available for one-word substitutions such as but there are also other ways to find these words.

One Word Substitution for Competitive Exam PDF

This PDF is Compilation of one word substitutions asked in the various examination held by SSC. Some words are repeated, focus on them because they were asked multiple times, so they have been included multiple times too.

Download One Word Substitution PDF for SSC


Download collection of all the one-word substitution question asked from 1997 to 2016 in one PDF in the simplest from possible developed by the Online Mentors.

Download One Word Substitution for SSC 5000 PDF


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