Idioms About NATURE

  1. A shrinking- violet a shy person
  2. On cloud nine- Very happy
  3. Cuts no ice- doesn’t have any effect or influence
  4. Calm before the storm- unusual or false quiet period before a period of upheaval
  5. Stealing my thunder- Making people pay attention to you
  6. In the air- happening or about to happen
  7. Many moons ago- A very long time ago
  8. A ray of sunshine- Something that brings happiness to someone
  9. Once in a blue moon- Very rarely
  10. Out of the woods- out of danger
  11. Barking up the wrong tree- To Misunderstand Something
  12. Olive Branch- A Gesture of peace
  13. Out of the Woods- To Emerge from a Dangerous Situation
  14. Grass roots – at the most basic level of an organisation
  15. The grass is always greener on the other side – other people’s situations always seem superior to one’s own
  16. To beat about the bush – to approach or discuss a matter without directly getting to the point, to put off getting to the point in a conversation
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