General Awareness Questions Asked on 20th August- SSC CGL 2017



  • ICC World Cup 2015 Semi final was held between India and? Australia
  • Which Mughal king was sent to prison by Aurangzeb? Shahjahan
  • The demand of normal good increase when income? Increases
  • Circulatory system was discovered by? William Harvey
  • Where is Buland Darwaja? Fatehpur Sikri (UP)
  • The male part of plants? Stamen
  • Longitudinal valleys between the lesser Himalayas and Shivalik are known as? ‘duns’ in the west and ‘duars’ in the east.
  • The right to equality comes under? Fundamental Rights
  • What is the other name of contact force – Friction Force
  • Which is an intrusive igneous rock? Granite
  • Which country touches border with Nepal? China
  • Questions on APJ Kalam, IK Gujral books.
  • Cuba re-establish diplomatic ties after a gap of 37 years, with which country? Morocco
  • Which scheme is related to panchayat? Gram Uday Se Bharat Uday
  • Forest is under which list? Concurrent List


  • The female part of a plant is called?  Pistil
  • Who discovered Antarctica?Captain Cook
  • Who was the emperor who sat on the throne at the age of 12? Akbar
  • 61st Filmfare best movie award? Bajirao Mastani
  • 2014 FIFA world cup final was held between? Germany vs Argentina
  • In an adult male how much RBC blood contains? 4.6 – 6.0 million
  • Which country does not accept visa?
  • The image formed by the plane mirror. Always virtual, upright, and of the same shape and size as the object it is reflecting
  • When there is few sellers and products are distinct what is that situation called? oligopoly
  • Soil formation most affected by which factor:
  • Question on paintings in the school of Mewar in the school of Rajasthan?
  • Matching question on books and authors.
  • The process of depositing a layer of zinc on iron is called? Galvanization
  • The article related to Untouchability? Article 17
  • Question-related to magnetic force.
  • One question related to river Ganga clean project
  • One question on u and v curve
  • One question on the cost curve.
  • Question on 7th schedule
  • Question on animal tissue.
  • War winning area is in which list
  • Question on Namami Gange


  • Prime minister announced which scheme along with Beti Bachao Beti Padhao – Sukanya Samruddhi
  • Nobel prize for medicine? Yoshinori Ohsumi
  • Largest military spending country in the world.? USA
  • Loksabha seats in West Bengal? 42
  • Gandhi came back to India from which country in 1915? South Africa
  • Palk Strait divides which country from India.?  Sri Lanka
  • Which river originates in Nepal?
  • What happens when current is passed through electrolyte
  • When census is taken what is the term for persons outside the country that time – migrants
  • Match the following on Authors and books
  • One question on Newtons Second Law.


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