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Fast Calculation Tricks PDF: Friends, this article is related to the trick of fast calculation, just look at these questions 64×66, 46×44, 12×18 When you sit to solve these questions, you will multiply them and then you will find answers. It will take you a lot of time.

Learning tactics on how to do fast calculations can help students develop preeminent confidence in mathematics, improve maths solving speed, and excel in advanced maths.

Quantitative Aptitude or Numerical Ability section plays a significant role in almost every Bank/Insurance/SSC/Railways/Government exam. Lakhs of candidates appear in these exams every year.

easy maths tricks pdf

Fast Calculation Tricks PDF

To Fight with lakhs of students your technique should be unique. In GK Adda we provide free study material for every student. Today we are here with maths tricks for fast calculation pdf.

This easy maths tricks pdf is extremely important for all exams like- SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, Banking, UPPSC, Railway, UPSC, and state exams and all other competitive exams.

Fast Calculation Tricks Example

Ex. 1 In this simple trick, we need to modify the equation and make the units digit zero. After all, it is easy to multiply when the unit’s digit is zero.

For example – Find square of 43
= (43+3) × (43-3) + (3×3)
=(46×40) + 9
= (460×4) + 9
= 1840 + 9 = 1849

Ex. 2 Squaring a number ending with 5

Multiply the rest of the number leaving the 5 in the unit digit with its successive number and write the result with 25 in the end.

For e.g. 452 can be written as = (4 * (4+1)) 25 = (4*5) 25 = 2025

Download Easy maths tricks PDF from below mention link.

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